Raffles-CO CSB A X (1604-1282)
Raffles-CO CSB A X (1604-1282)
Raffles-CO CSB A X (1604-1282)

Private Collection

Raffles-CO CSB A X (1604-1282)


Cocobolo is a very beautiful wood, knkown to change colour being cut. It offers everything Brazillian Rosewood offers; increased power, sustain and volume, along with its beauty in colour and figure.

The Raffles (Small Jumbo) shape is characterised by its punchy, rich and creamy sound, with no compromise made to its clarity and imposing presence, making it a guitar that covers all of its bases well.

Every Private Collection series Maestro guitar is built with the utmost meticulousness and attention to detail with premium appointments like the proprietary rigid rim technology and Hozen's Advanced Hybrid bracing. All of this contributing towards a fuller and projective instrument as a result of the various innovations working together towards a more effective use of the energy budget, culminating in an instrument that responds to your every touch.

    • MODEL : Raffles-CO CSB A X
    • SERIAL NUMBER : 1604-1282
    • TOP : Solid Adirondack Spruce
    • BACK & SIDES : Solid Cocobolo
    • TYPE : 6 String Acoustic Guitar
    • BODY SHAPE : Small Jumbo 
    • STANDARD OPTION : Florentine Cutaway, Beveled Armrest & Soundport
    • BRACING : Hozen's Advanced Hybrid Bracing
    • BINDING : 5 Wooden Lines with Flamed Maple
    • LINING : Rigid Rim Technology
    • ROSETTE : 4mm Abalone
    • NECK : Khaya Mahogany with Carbon Fiber Rods & Ebony Strip
    • FINISH : Polyurethane High Gloss

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