The Maestro Story

About Maestro

Maestro Guitars by Hozen is the leading makers of premium custom guitars from Asia and the only Singapore brand of Handcrafted guitars and ukuleles. Since 2004, Maestro has been providing instruments to discerning players that are very particular about playability, tone and craftsmanship. Each Maestro instrument is handcrafted using the only finest wood and components through age proven techniques. Owner and Master Luthier, Hozen, spearheads a small yet highly experienced team of luthiers, ensuring each Maestro instrument is built to its fullest potential. Hozen readily embraces modern enhancements such as Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Necks, Soundport, Double Tops, Beveled Armrest, PLEK Setup, blended with age-old traditional Hide Glue, wooden bindings, air-dried tonewood, individually hand voiced soundboards to help produce the finest handmade guitars in he region which are an inspiration to play.

Founder's Message

 My name is Hozen and I am a luthier developing my own line of guitars under the Maestro Brand for the past 12 years and everyday is a new challenge in learning the ropes of the trade and improving product quality as well as consistency. The past 12 years had been full of ups and downs; looking back I am determine to learn from he past mistakes and push the company forward with an ever progressive mindset. My current batch of instruments is all about achieving the balanced lush tone, buttery smooth playability and responsiveness.

Each Maestro Guitar is crafted and constructed by our small team of luthiers with a combined 100 over years of experience. We incorporate many of the latest techniques and proprietary design features such as Soundport, Carbon-Fiber reinforced necks while still being handcrafted in the time honored tradition of the master guitar makers of generations past. It is my philosophy that a truly extraordinary instrument is the result of the meticulous selection of the finest woods, materials and careful construction; along with a clear vision of the end result and a consistency of skills and techniques throughout.

When we describe our instruments as being 'handcrafted', we mean this wherebt the process of building individually tailored instruments, demands and emphasize the skillful use of traditional hand tools. Braces are shaped and plates voiced using knives, gouges and chisels. Fingerboards are leveled with hand planes. Necks are individually carved using spoke shaves, rasps, files, scrapers and lots of hand sanding. This old world approach and many of our design and bracing ideas takes time, we chose to limit our annual production and concentrate on making instruments we are best capable of: Acoustic, Classical andd Ukulele

I sincerely invite you to try out our new range of Maestro Private Collection and enter into our realm of great sounding guitars and ukuleles



Founder & Head Luthier